Meet the TOP 12

Come and cheer on your favourite acts in person and vote for the $5000 grand prize winner on MAY 6th at The Sanderson Centre. Tickets are now available.


Kylie Angel

My name is Kylie Angel, and I am a 28 year old Mom to my beautiful son Landon. Besides being a Mom, I am a boxer, a photographer, a personal trainer, a musician, and a painter. It’s safe to say that I only do the things that I am extremely passionate about.

I discovered singing at a very early age. My Mom has this video of me from 1991 at my brother’s birthday party. As all the kids are at the table chatting and laughing, I was off in my own world singing “Alouette”. It wasn’t long after that when I’d go upstairs in my room with my Mom’s ghetto blaster, and blare Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” while singing at the top of my lungs.

As I discovered many new passions over the years, singing always stuck with me. Many hobbies would come and go, but singing has been apart of my heart and soul for as long as I can remember, and only grows stronger as years go by.

People have asked me, “What do you want to do with your life?” And one of my favourite answers is “If I could have it my way, I’d be a famous singer, but that’s a one in a million chance, so I’ll probably just own my own boxing club someday.”
My life goal is to touch the soul of every person I can in a positive way. If I can do that, I am happy.

Zoe Bentley

Since beginning her journey as an artist, Zoe Bentley has come to explore new avenues, branching out from her pop roots to incorporate rock, folk, R&B, gospel, and classical influences into her work. Each successive songwriting experience has found her experimenting with fresh sounds and themes, culminating in what amounts to an amazingly versatile sound.

Leaving her hometown of Belleville at the age of 15, Zoe lived on the streets in nearby Cambridge with nothing but an old knapsack and acoustic guitar. With an incredibly inspiring back story, it's no wonder this girl sings the way she does. While homeless and struggling to survive, a high-school guidance counsellor stepped up to the plate realizing she desperately needed help and quickly found her a place to stay and bought her new guitar strings so she could play again and regain her confidence. This was Zoe's great awakening, and writing and performing music quickly became her passion.

While continuing to strive for success as an artist, and now back on her feet, Zoe decided she wanted to help others that were in the same situation and formed a foundation for homeless teens. The foundation raised money to host and put together various open mic concerts in different cities across Canada with the goal that other underprivileged teens could showcase their talents and be heard. The foundation raised over $6000 and quickly became the talk of many outreach programs across the country. With each show Zoe would tell her story and inspire others to follow their dreams.
In recent years, Zoe has worked with various Grammy and Juno award winning artists to help guide her towards creating a new and inspiring sound. This singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist’s is not only incredibly passionate about everything she does but also has a wide spectrum of skills as an artist, from heart-tugging vocal purity to introspective prose writing. Recalling the vocal stylings of Joss Stone & the zest of Aerosmith, Zoe sings with the grace of Mariah Carey, the soul of Patsy Cline, and her writing reflects the echoes of a soul far beyond her years.

Timmy Boyle 

Receive a little laughter for the soul…and some candy for the eye!  Timmy always satisfies and is simply…Classic!

Since being featured as an “All-Star” on the 2007 “Comedy Tournament” CD Timmy Boyle, having established himself as one of the fresh “must see” stars of comedy, has received rave reviews for his unique comedy styling at various events on both sides of the border.

With comedic influences such as Bob Newhart & Jack Benny, Timmy strives for a “classic” experience.  While rocking the suit and nursing a glass of orange juice, Timmy kicks it old school as he shares his hilarious perspective of himself and the world around him with a unique blend of casual story-telling and passionate commentary that has brought laughter to audiences across North America.  

Even before his 2009 launching of “Up Standing Comedy”, Timmy had already been establishing himself as a comedic force while performing on multiple Canada-wide tours.  Since then, he has taken his impeccable wit and laid back charm to churches, corporate functions, conferences, camps, schools & theatres while also establishing Canada’s first clean comedy circuit (AKA “The Circuit).  Timmy has hosted UCB Canada’s “Rise & Shine” morning show, been heard on the syndicated U.S. radio program “The Daren Streblow Comedy Show” and has appeared on JUCE TV & YES TV as a finalist on the reality TV show “Comedy Tournament II”.  As an award winning writer, Timmy is a regular performer & workshop presenter at Faithwriters’ Conferences and in 2014 celebrated the release of his first book “Inside Timmy’s Mind”.  Most recently, Timmy was a featured performer on the “Date Night Comedy Tour”.      
Committed to providing high-quality comedy experiences without the rude & crude, Timmy’s live show is designed for all…regardless of age, race, gender or even religious belief.  Give the gift of laughter to your community today.


Deaf the Animal is a new and upcoming Alt/Rock band that has been working on their first full length studio album titled "Nine" for the past 10 months since the band's formation. All members of DTA hail from the City of Brantford, Ontario which includes Jay Sayles (Vocals), Arron Rayner (Guitar), Travis Outerson (Bass) and Sean Boyle (Drums). Deaf the Animal hopes to reignite a revival of the Rock genre that seems to have been lost in the synthetic synthesized radio airwaves of today with their new approach and feel for the Rock category. Their debut album "Nine" was recorded at the amazing Jukasa Studios located just outside the city limits on the Six Nations reserve where it was engineered by both multiple Juno award winners, Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmerman. All tracks were then mastered by the world famous Joao Carvalho in Toronto, Ontario. Deaf the Animal is set to release their debut album "Nine" May 6th 2017



Young Up-And-Coming Dancer/Actress/Singer Taylor Flinders, has her sights set high on a Musical Theatre career. Born and raised in Brantford Ontario, Taylor began her dance career at Studio where she still currently studies Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Musical Theatre. She is a member of their competitive team, winning many scholarships and special awards for her outstanding Musical Theatre routines.  Her love of dance has allowed her to inspire others as an Assistant Teacher in the classroom where she is an excellent role model to her students.  She continues to broaden her training by attending dance conventions and classes from top choreographers across the nation.  One of her most memorable moments was being accepted to the Drayton Youth Musical Theatre Program in the summer of 2016.

As well as being an exceptional dance student, Taylor’s academics are outstanding.  She was Student council VP in grade 7 and then President in grade 8.  She graduated grade 8 receiving the Ontario Principals Award, Academic Award.

Thanks to her positive attitude and work ethic, Taylor is in her element when performing on stage and has been told often times to “keep doing what you’re doing, the stage is where you belong”.

I'm of vintage

I’m of Vintage is made up of five musicians from Brantford area. The group of five has gained a lot of attention with their original music and unique story and catchy sound. They work hard, they are driven creative and motivated. They have grasped the opportunity to record their second album at Abbey Road Studios in London England, which was made famous by the Beatles. They have made an appearance on CTV News telling their story. With an upcoming live set on the Morning Show on Global TV April 21stthey have the opportunity to play their music to the nation.  They look forward to a full day of music hosted by the Rope Factory on June 24th which will help them raise funds to send them off to Abbey Road where they will follow their dreams.

With drive beats from Dan Kotiuk, groovy baselines by Phil Eastman and the offbeat compliments of their percussionist TJ Wiltshire are what create their unique sound. The band meshes easily Matt Huddleston on lead guitar and Darren Gooder playing rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Each band member was influenced by a different genre of music, which may be the reason their music relates to multiple genres.


I have been singing for as long as I can remember.  I started taking singing lessons at age 12, but stopped when I was 17 to pursue my first passion, horseback riding.  Now I am 23 years old, and music has always been a big part of my life.  I have been lucky to compete in the Kiwanis Music Festival over the years, and have had the opportunity to sing at a few weddings.  Although horses are my first love, singing was never been far behind.  I love songs that tell a story, with lyrics that people can relate to.  Music and horses are both great therapy, and both have helped me through sadness, heartbreak, anger, and every emotion in between.  I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to compete in the Breath of Fresh Air talent show, and I can’t wait to show Brantford what I have to offer!

Sarah Mcculloch

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah McCulloch and I’m extremely honoured and thrilled to be a finalist in the Breath of Fresh Air Talent Show.  I’m a local girl, I was born and raised in Brantford where I live with my parents and younger brother.   I’m seventeen years old and currently a grade 11 student at St. John’s College.  Upon graduation, I plan to attend university to pursue a science degree in health care.  When I’m not studying, I love to play soccer, plan school activities as part of Student Council, and I love to SING!  It’s my passion.   Because of this passion for music, I have been taking vocal lessons at La Bella Voce Studio in Brantford.  Last year I had an amazing experience playing the role of Ado Annie in my school production of Oklahoma.    What’s coming up next for me?  I am extremely proud to be playing the role of Éponine in the St. John’s College production of Les Misérables coming up in May.   A special thank you to Monique Coretti and Don Locey for their motivation and inspirational teaching.  And a big shout out to Murky Productions, The Crew, and all the others sponsors for allowing me this amazing opportunity and for being supporters of the arts in our community!  See you all on May 6!

Sarah Moore

My name is Sarah Moore and I am 14 years old. I absolutely love music and have been taking vocal lessons at The Art of Music Academy for the last two years. In my spare time I enjoy running, playing soccer, fishing, spending time with friends and especially singing! I have been in the Brantford Track and Field club for five years and I have played soccer since I was three. In the future I want to continue with my music and become a teacher.

It is an honour to be a part of the Breath of Fresh Air Talent Show and I would like to thank all my family and friends for spreading the word about voting for me as soon as it started.

If I won the $5000 dollars I would love to donate an amount to two charity's of my choice. I will then put away some money for schooling so I can put my dreams of being a teacher into plans!

Benjamin Dakota Rogers

Twenty year old Benjamin Dakota Rogers is a multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter from the Brantford area.  A prolific songwriter, his music has been described as hard driving, powerful folk with a contemporary edge creating music that draws you in with stories and spoken word poetry. Combining explosive fiddle and guitar Benjamin’s performance is both energetic and captivating. His fiddle technique draws its roots from the East Coast and Old Time but is transformed into his own style. Benjamin has produced three amazing CD’s quickly earing accolades including two Canadian Folk Music Award nominations, three Hamilton music award nominations and winner of two International Songwriting competitions. Benjamin was excited to learn Folk Roots Radio placed his third CD Whisky and Pine at #6 in the top 10 albums of 2016!

Rachel Senko

Universe, Uni-Verse means one song… Rachel smiles, sings, moves along to it’s rhythms n’ grooves. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t carry melody stories in her head.  She loves to share her music, her voice both embraces and excites, like a cosmic coziness that comforts but also makes the listener a little giddy.   She is always working to improve her craft as a singer songwriter. You can catch her singing at Moksha Yoga Brantford at the end her yoga class, on stage locally or around a campfire with her favourite people. She is incredibly thankful for all the support and encouragement from friends and family this far in her career and can’t wait to see everyone at the Sanderson Centre on May 6!


Rarely “sharpe” or flat, Faith is a pitch perfect grade 11 honour student at Holy Trinity high school in Simcoe, Ontario.  First putting on pop-up shows for her family at the age of 3, she is accomplished on the guitar and piano, with an energetic and eclectic style. 

Those early performances launched her musical journey and fed her enthusiasm, which was truly sparked at age 11 when she brought the house down at Port Dover’s Maureen Dodd Foundation Talent show with a sassy rendition of Taylor Swift’s Mean.

Always tirelessly refusing to become discouraged when she gets “no” for an answer, she has now hit the stage at numerous local festivals and events.  Most recently, Faith’s version of Riptide resulted in her selection as a finalist at the 2015 Norfolk Has Talent competition, where the judges said she was “inspiring” – telling her to “keep going, because you are the whole package.”

Currently, Faith enjoys singing and playing regularly at her school’s coffee houses and seizes any opportunities where she will gain experience and benefit from mentorship to develop her technique in both vocals and guitar. With a gaggle of little siblings among her biggest and most loyal fans, family and friends across the globe (from Alaska to England to New Zealand) will be cheering her on, and want to remind the audience voters to have a little “Faith” in their choice on Breath of Fresh Air Talent Show night!